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    I have been looking for a way to get back to Android. I have an iPhone because of work, that's only because of the reliability of iMessage when compared to regular SMS (Can't afford for a time sensitive text to arrive or deliver late).

    This phone provided me with that opportunity to find my way back. I have always wanted a pixel but could never justify spending that much money for 2 phones.

    I opted for the pixel 3a, tired of bigger screen phones wanted something smaller for a change. The 399 price is a plus as well. I am using it with Google Fi which I have also been wanting to try out as well.

    Had the phone for a little over 24 hours and so far my first impression is that this phone is spectacular for the price. I haven't been glued to this phone yet, been bouncing back and fourth from iPhone to this. It's been off the charger for 4 hours about 1 hour of SOT and at 91%. That also included driving and stream music via Bluetooth.

    I like the build quality, while yes it's plastic and light but it doesn't feel like a cheap pile of garbage. It feels solid and we'll built. The buttons depress nicely with no play in them at all. The touch screen is very responsive as well as the finger print scanner.

    The display is very nice and crisp, not as bright as my iPhone xs max. The colors are nice and vibrant and they don't feel over saturated at all.

    I don't care about the camera, because I don't take a lot of pictures. From the side by sides I have done when compared to the iPhone. This thing takes really nice pictures considering it's over $600 cheaper than my other phone.

    I like the pixel launcher but I also like not having a dock, I am using nova at the moment. I may switch back to really get the feel for the pixel launcher. I do enjoy the gestures and I am use to the whole swiping up due to iPhone.

    The one phone call I did make was one of the clearest calls I have made in while. Most calls I make on my iPhone are ruff but that is probably due to sprints horrible network. I attribute the call quality to using Google Fi. I was away from WiFi when I made the call to see how clear it would be on just Fi.

    The only issue I had was sending texts but after a call to Google they had me install hangouts and turn SMS on then off and it works perfectly. Apparently Google Fi utilizes parts of hangouts so it is recommended to have it installed.

    I have 30 days to try this phone out and see if I can make it work for me. My current plan is to leave the iPhone at home and use my cellular Apple watch for notifications or messages or calls for work and I can just respond on the watch.

    It feels good to use Android again!
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    06-02-2019 06:10 PM
  2. djrakowski's Avatar
    I have two lines in my account, and just added the 3a XL as my secondary line (the iPhone XS is primary). It’s a remarkable phone for the money - it really has no business being this good!

    I took a few portrait-mode photos on each device, and here are my impressions: the Pixel photos were exceptionally sharp and clear, with no discernible blurring of edge details, but the color temperature was on the cool/bluish side and the fake-bokeh is way too aggressive. iPhone produced pleasantly warm photos, with a bit less sharpness around the edges and and less-aggressive (and preferable to my tastes) fake-bokeh. Not bad, especially when you consider that the iPhone cost nearly twice as much as the Pixel!
    06-04-2019 08:16 AM
  3. Jlharper016's Avatar
    I'm digging this phone a lot more than I would like to admit. coming from an iPhone this phone is awesome and has a great price point.
    06-04-2019 10:50 PM
  4. anon(9918034)'s Avatar
    My initial plan was try this phone, return it go about my day. Each day in use it I like it more and more. I may just keep the phone altogether on Google Fi. So far in my area Google Fi is absolutely amazing.y concern is using a bunch of data and racking up a bill. I can always just turn off mobile data and just pay the 20 bucks a month for talk and text. Then utilize the Google Fi build in vpn and just connect to WiFi every where I go.
    06-04-2019 11:15 PM
  5. anon(10092459)'s Avatar
    Each day in use it I like it more and more.
    Swag.. what do you like about it?
    06-04-2019 11:22 PM
  6. anon(9918034)'s Avatar
    The size is what I like most, I had the note 9 and switched to the xs max. My last 2 phones have been massive so it has been nice having a phone I can use with one hand.

    The call quality blows the xs out of the water. Using this device in conjunction with Google Fi is amazing. Places where I normally have little to no signal, I have no problem. At my office I had to get a magic box for Sprint just to be able to text cause the signal is that bad. Checked the signal strength on this phone in the same office at it was -77. I haven't ever seen numbers like that on my iPhone.

    I really like the vanilla Android aspect as well, no added garbage or UI slapped on top of it. You get the bare bones Android and design the phone how you want it to look and feel. I did switch back to the pixel launcher to give a it a solid go. I like it so far, it's simple and quick. Even has live wallpaper support, so I may design a klwp for it and see how well it works.

    I find myself using Google assistant more due to the active edge, I honestly don't like saying hey Google or ok Google. Just a light squeeze say command and it's done.

    The night sight camera is ridiculously good. Turn off all the light in my apartment and took a clear picture of the wall with a picture on it.

    The battery life very good, the only time I charge this phone is when I have it plugged into my car on my way to and from work. I will be honest, I have spent most my time still using iPhone because it has all my work info and schedule and office account set up on it. This next weekend I will give it a solid battery test and see what I can get out of this battery.

    For 399, I have a hard time finding anything to really complaint about. It doesn't have wireless charging, or it's not water resistant, and it's plastic. It's also not a flagship device with a flagship price, it is a very well done mid range device.

    I will keep updating this post as the time goes by as well.
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    06-04-2019 11:45 PM
  7. rhea's Avatar
    I find myself using Google assistant more due to the active edge, I honestly don't like saying hey Google or ok Google. Just a light squeeze say command and it's done.
    Amen to that! We have a GMini in nearly every room--and I love using them but hate the "Hey" or "OK." I rarely called up Assistant on my N5X.
    06-05-2019 06:46 AM

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