1. Specus's Avatar
    I have a pair of 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth headphones. They worked just fine with my Nexus 5 last week, but since I've upgraded to a 3a XL, they don't work as nice. There are two issues that I run into all the time:

    1. When I power on the headphones, they don't auto connect. I have to either go to the phone and toggle Bluetooth off/on or manually select "connect".
    2. When I first power on the headphones and connect them to my phone, ringtones don't play through the headphones. Neither incoming calls nor going into setup and changing the ringtone will play a ringtone through my headphones. The music I'm listening to stops when calls come in, but I get no ringtone. I played around some this evening and it seems that I can get the ringtone to play through the headphones if I go into setup, disconnect the headphones then reconnect them (without powering them off).

    Has anyone had similar experiences? Any thoughts on permanent solutions? I really don't want to have to go into setup and punch a bunch of buttons every single time I turn on my headphones.
    06-16-2019 12:53 AM
  2. kmcochran's Avatar
    I don't have those headphones, but I am having issues connecting Bluetooth to my Fitbit Versa. I don't leave BT turned on all the time on my phone and usually just like to sync my Versa in the morning. I'm finding I have to restart my phone in order to get it to connect to the Versa.
    06-20-2019 04:19 PM
  3. Specus's Avatar
    Have you tried turning Bluetooth off, then back on? That works for me when I have connection issues with my headphones.
    06-20-2019 09:55 PM

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