1. GoGayleGo's Avatar
    I posted this in the Google Photos Community but have not received an answer. I need to take action quickly.

    I have a Pixel 4. I"m getting a message that I've used 118 of 128GB of internal storage. Photos are taking up the most space at 72GB.

    Under "Cleaning Suggestions", it's suggesting that I "delete photos and videos that have been backed up with Google Photos", and states that it will free up 27.80 GB.

    I have "Back up and sync" turned on in Photos.

    So not understanding why all 71GB of my photos are not backed up? Where's the "rest" of the items, and how do I get them backed up?

    05-14-2021 07:40 AM
  2. Scott337's Avatar
    Have you gone into Photos - Settings to see which specific folders are being backed up? In my case I don't backup screenshots, downloads, etc. I only back up my "camera" folder. Maybe you have a folder of pics on your phone not being backed up?
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    05-14-2021 07:50 AM
  3. GoGayleGo's Avatar
    Scott - thank you! Is that in the "Device Folders" section? It says there that I am backing up my "camera folder" and also Instagram, but not: Downloads, Messages, Pictures, Raw, Screenshots. I do get a ton of photos via text...but am shocked that I'd have more photos in these other folders vs my actual camera folder.

    Is it "safe" to do as it suggests and let it delete photos that are backed up? I don't care if they are on my device per se or not, as long as I can access them through Google Photos.
    05-14-2021 10:19 AM
  4. fwn's Avatar
    I have used the backup and delete feature with no ill effects. As long as your photos are backed and you have faith in Mr. Google, you can safely delete from the device. Good luck!
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    05-14-2021 01:52 PM
  5. Scott337's Avatar
    I agree with the post above, if you trust Google not to delete your pictures it is usually safe to delete from the phone. I don't take many pictures but have never had an issue using the "delete pictures already backed up" option. Ice never seen any disappear from Google Photos cloud storage.
    05-14-2021 06:56 PM

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