1. Rickosw's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    Is there any simple way to draw / annotate onto picture / screenshot for P4XL ?

    Other than going into picture using "markup".
    This takes quite a few steps and loops to jump through.

    Cos I was on LG V30 prior and there is a screen shot function (Capture+) within the notification and from there I can "draw lines / annotate " directly onto the picture/screenshot.
    Very streamline and effortless.

    Many thanks!

    New Google Pixel 4 XL user

    Any easy way to draw / annotate onto picture / screenshot for P4XL ?-495572912.jpeg
    11-14-2019 12:00 PM
  2. Jeremy8000's Avatar
    I haven't used it but this looks like it might do what you're looking for:

    Edit - just installed as I have use for something like this as well. Looks good - though limited to 1920p resolution for saving in the free mode, if that's a concern.
    11-14-2019 12:02 PM
  3. Rickosw's Avatar
    Hi Jeremy8000

    thanks for your reply, but this is a separate app, just wondering if Google Pixel 4XL has any such function (draw / Annotate ) within the phone?

    or i need to download a third party one
    11-14-2019 12:04 PM
  4. N4Newbie's Avatar
    Easy? Simple?

    Matter of opinion, I guess.


    1. Open camera app
    2. Take photo
    3. Tap Gallery icon on camera screen
    4. Tap edit icon below image
    5. Tap nine-dots icon at bottom right
    6. Tap Markup tool


    1. Hold power button for a few seconds
    2. Tap Screenshot
    3. Wait a moment for screenshot notification to appear
    4. Tap Edit
    5. Tap Markup tool
    ezdoit likes this.
    11-14-2019 01:13 PM
  5. ezdoit's Avatar
    @N4Newbie - works on my P3 too - never knew that thanks!
    11-14-2019 04:30 PM

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