1. Shadnic's Avatar
    I have only seen the Pixel 4 in videos and brief hands on in a store. I ordered mine and it should be here Friday so I guess I'll get to explore more at that point. That said, I'm a bit confused by the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen when using the gesture navigation.

    On an iPhone this white "navigation" bar just floats on the bottom of the screen over the content you have displayed just as a visual to remind you that it's there to swipe up. The navigation bar at the bottom of the Google pixel seems to do the same...except it lives inside, and extends, a small black or white bar all the way across the bottom of the device?

    Why does it need an entire bar across the screen rather than just being a small white line that floats over your content? Every time I see this it seems to really throw off the look of an app and make the screen look asymmetrical because it cuts the bottom corners weirdly. Am I missing something or is there an option to "full screen" apps somewhere so that you don't see this bar cut-off at the bottom? It just seems like an odd choice when apple has already implemented this in a more visually pleasing way years ago.
    11-27-2019 10:16 PM
  2. osubeavs728's Avatar
    To me, it's a non-issue and not even noticeable. So regardless if it stays the way it is, or turned into a pill the floated above all other content, wouldn't make one lick of difference.
    11-27-2019 11:53 PM
  3. weepatc's Avatar
    That small bar at the bottom of the screen lights up with colours to show that the Assistant is in use & available for further questions.
    11-28-2019 04:48 AM

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