1. pjhenry1216's Avatar
    I've used a PowerPort+ 1 and a PowerPort Speed+ Duo on a PowerWave 15 and still get fairly slow charge times (about 2 hours for 50%). My iOttie wireless car charger is about twice as fast. Is the PowerWave 15 actually capable of top Pixel 4 charging speeds as is implied (though not outright stated) in the Staff Pick for wireless chargers for the Pixel 4?
    01-17-2020 06:54 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    The PowerWave 15 is:

    Anker USB-C Wireless Charger, 15W Fast Wireless Charging Pad, Qi-Certified, 7.5W Fast Charge iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X/8/8 Plus, 10W for Galaxy Note 9/S9+/S9, PowerWave 15 Pad (with Quick Charge Adapter) , so it's probably just 10W for PD 2.0 (the Pixel 4). That would be 5 Volts at 2 Amps. (There are apps that show the charging current, but you have to subtract the current used by the phone before the charger is plugged in to figure out how much is actually going to the battery.)
    01-17-2020 05:00 PM

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