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    So, when Google announced the 5A, I was really looking forward to a small, but imho, a decent upgrade from my 4a5g.

    Imagine my utter disappointment to learn it's only being released in the US and Japan! Disappointment quickly diminished to 'ah well' I'll just wait for the 6 pro which WILL be released to the UK.

    BUT - I'm not a fan of the 6/6 pro's camera 'band', 'bump', 'bar'! Anyway, A friend of mine who was in exactly the same position as me, i'e loved his 4a5g suggested importing from the US.

    Long story short, according to Royal Mail's tracking service, my imported brand new shiney 5a is now in the UK (Manchester Mail Office) and should find it's way down to me tomorrow, to sunny Plymouth, Devon.

    The things we do for phones! Uh!
    10-25-2021 05:43 PM
  2. vegas33139's Avatar
    Mail man knocked on my door at 11:30 with my new 5A all the way from the U S of A.

    20 mins later - all up and running with esim on Vodafone UK. No issues.

    Happy days!
    10-26-2021 09:04 AM

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