1. Dat Boot's Avatar
    launch day pre order black pro 128

    no tracking yet
    10-25-2021 12:27 PM
  2. mzanette's Avatar
    Was hoping Google would ship it today so I'd get it tomorrow but so far no notification. This is from the Canada store BTW
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    10-25-2021 01:37 PM
  3. BrwnSuga3's Avatar
    No shipping information from Google for me yet either.
    10-25-2021 01:39 PM
  4. sulla1965's Avatar
    My local Best Buy. Should be ready for curbside pickup on release day.
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    10-25-2021 02:20 PM
  5. Chex313's Avatar
    Pro shipped today...Posted in the other shipping thread.
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    10-25-2021 03:47 PM
  6. Larzuk's Avatar
    Has anyone in California got confirmation of shipping? I work in Logistics in Huntington Beach and drive past all the ships every day parked off the coast, 100+ atm and I wonder.... Are our Pixels on one of them ships, Lol. Cause if they are, It's gonna be a longgg wait, Haha.
    10-25-2021 04:01 PM
  7. Dat Boot's Avatar
    was ur order straight from g00gle ?
    10-25-2021 04:04 PM
  8. Chex313's Avatar
    was ur order straight from g00gle ?
    Mine was...

    Pixel 6/Pro order shipping updates-screenshot_20211025-152308.jpg
    10-25-2021 04:29 PM
  9. Dat Boot's Avatar
    awesome = thanks for sharing !!
    Chex313 likes this.
    10-25-2021 04:31 PM
  10. GoNavy79's Avatar
    I guess not all pixel phones ordered from Google store get shipped from California. My 6 is coming from Illinois.
    10-25-2021 06:05 PM
  11. bxrider117's Avatar
    I ordered on 10/19 the Pixel 6 256gb Sorta Seafoam. Initial ship date was 10/26 to 10/28. Then one day it switched to mid November. Then it switched back to the original dates in October. I still had the opportunity to cancel at that time.
    Now it says that I'll receive an email when phone is shipped but now the delivery date is 10/29 to 10/30.
    The free buds shipped on 10/22 and are sitting at FedEx and have but moved. They had a deliver date of 10/24 when originally shipped.
    I hope the phone is worth the wait.
    10-26-2021 10:40 AM
  12. Dat Boot's Avatar
    just got my fed ex notification delivery 2morrow
    GOOD JoB gOOgle
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    10-26-2021 11:50 AM
  13. wyelkins's Avatar
    Mine is coming tomorrow 10/28. Fingers crossed.
    10-27-2021 02:05 AM
  14. TheJastrom's Avatar
    Fedex notification this morning! It's coming Friday!!!
    10-27-2021 11:51 AM
  15. Maljunulo's Avatar
    Mine (Black Pixel 6) is scheduled for delivery on Monday.
    10-28-2021 09:24 PM

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