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    From one of my favorite tracks of all-time. Biggie Smalls.

    I get I hate the Pixel. I was fooled twice, called the 6 Pro one of the worst phones I've ever owned. I get lemons happened but I really hate Google let me down.

    Anyways, this wasn't planned I had no intentions of upgrading but my carrier gave me an offer too good to pass up.

    I got the 7 Pro and so far so good. There was an update and I was hesitant to because that's when I started having issues with the 6 Pro.

    Hopefully, Google has their *bleep* together.

    This is my second back up. Using Apple iPhone 13 mini still with my Samsung Z Flip4. I sold my Samsung S22U, I go two small nicks at the top bezel.

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    11-18-2022 11:42 PM
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    Google has released some devices that have not been see has too end devices plus coming from Google that should not be. But from reading stories and the forums the 7 series sounds like a winner this year congratulations on your new device.

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    11-19-2022 12:21 AM

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