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    This isn't so much a revelation as an observation, but I thought it might be interesting for Americans wondering what the Pixel launch was like elsewhere in the world.

    Here in Canada, the Pixel is available through all three major carriers (Bell, Rogers, Telus) and some of their sub-brands (Fido, Koodo). And because Google is investing a lot in marketing, that means that the phone is just about ubiquitous when you go shopping... it's front-and-centre in carrier stores, and the bigger third-party retailers feature them prominently as well.

    I'm sure Verizon is big on advertising the Pixel in the States (as is Google), but it's something else to see almost all of your wireless industry swept up in promoting it. Only Apple and Samsung normally get that kind of buzz.

    The Pixel is everywhere in Canada-img_2059.jpg
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    10-20-2016 10:17 PM

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