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    Well since the pixel is a bit overpriced and missing some key features important to me now, I went to a Verizon store to check a Pixel put since I likely won't ever see one on the wild. The Verizon store I went to did not have it on display but a representative went back and got the black/dark grey 32 Gb Pixel.
    It is a very nice phone. It does feel of good quality. I like the thickness and the screen is beautiful.

    The camera is indeed nice and quick. I thought the switch from front facing to rear facing came was a little "slow." But have nothing to compare it too.
    I was surprised to see that storage said 6.xx used of 29.x GB. This is something else I can't compare to other phones since I have a 64 GB one plus one. Still that would be a squeeze for me. Especially with such a nice camera.

    Because the Verizon phone was not activated there were no apps on it yet which was nice. I liked the clean google design of the home screen and the new icons. I also liked the larger area to just pull up the app draws instead of having to push a button.

    It is definitely a nice phone. I would take a free one for sure but it is too high priced for me. High in price considering what it is missing, but also the price of past google phones and the value that was the one plus one has me spoiled for phones less than $500. That may be my max for phones. Which is why I don't even have the nexus 6p.

    Might be another topic but I don't think the Pixel is going to have an extreme drop in price after a year or like black Friday 2017. If google is trying to make this a high end thing they will keep the price high like Apple and other companies that just stop selling their products rather than give a discount on them (phones, clothes, etc).
    10-23-2016 05:46 PM

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