07-11-2017 08:40 PM
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    Figured it out.. I had set up security to establish a VPN, but after I turned it off, the double-tap and lift failed... even when they were switched on in motion... HOWEVER, I just figured out the screen lock must be engaged for it to work.. None disables these options.. setting to Swipe activates the features again...

    Love this phone so far. Used to have a Samsung Galaxy S4 that failed due to applications running in the background on a bad SD Micro locking it up completely, and decided it was time to switch. This thing will not reactivate the screen for pocket-dialing, pocket-texting or other operations when the phone should not be unlocked. Love that the USB C to OTG adapters exist. especially the Gigabit, USB3 and dual-video-option (HDMI or VGA only).
    07-11-2017 08:40 PM
51 123

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