1. anon(10127134)'s Avatar
    I previously had a Nexus 5x and I installed Android for Work on it as I use it for both work and personal. What was really nice is that I could use Android for Work versions of widgets on my home screens. The calendar one being particularly valuable. That option doesn't appear to exist on the Pixel. Is there a way I can turn that on or is there some way to work around this?
    01-04-2017 08:30 AM
  2. anon(10127134)'s Avatar
    In talking with Project Fi support they were able to communicate with the right folks and it appears Android for Work widgets are not yet supported on Pixel devices but may be coming in the future. Anyone have any other Google Play available widgets that would be able to tap into the Android for Work calendar that I could use?
    01-04-2017 08:37 AM

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