1. DJM626's Avatar
    I think I discovered, or at least I have not seen it mentioned in here the software fix for the lens flare. Googles Photo app has just been updated yesterday. When in the photo app, take one of your pics with lens flare, if you managed to have them saved. Click on that picture, go to the edit section, click on the middle, pull up the pic, click on the middle near the bottom (you will see a square box with a plus next to it on the left side while looking at the phone). Next to your first slide adjuster (called light) you will see and down indicator. This will open up a section called "Light". Your 4th choice down will be a slider called "Shadows". Slide that to the left and your halo disappears. You will then be able to save that pic and you will notice, the flare or halo is completely gone! Tried it on 3 pics that I had lens flare issues with and the pics look great! Give it a shot. You can do a side by side comparison with both the original pic and the pic you just "fixed" and it looks great.

    If I am correct, this may be the software fix that google had been working on to correct the issues. If not, this works wonders on my pics
    02-08-2017 09:51 PM
  2. Aquila's Avatar
    Awesome. I only have the "halo" in a couple of really low light indoor photos, but hopefully the people who have it much worse and more often can get some traction with this.
    02-08-2017 09:53 PM
  3. Lobwedgephil's Avatar
    Cool, hope thats correct. The audio bug was fixed for sure.
    02-09-2017 12:01 AM
  4. DJM626's Avatar
    I've used it by sliding it more to the left as most of my halo shots were taken in the dark. Haven't really had the need to slide it to the right to see what kind of results I'd get but would hope it would be the same
    02-09-2017 12:14 AM
  5. KrisYYC's Avatar
    That has always been in the photos editor. This done indeed remove the halo in some shots but what you're doing is also dropping the shadows to be much darker than originally shot. So it might not look great in other scenarios or when viewed on a larger screen.
    02-09-2017 03:56 PM
  6. Shaun Smith3's Avatar
    Shadow has been there for a couple years
    02-09-2017 04:54 PM
  7. DJM626's Avatar
    Good to know. I have just never noticed it there before in the past and as I said it did make a difference on some of my shots and it was a positive difference. It did tend to darken some of my shots but they were taken at night also and I was just happy to have the halo gone when I used this
    02-09-2017 05:01 PM

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