07-17-2017 09:44 PM
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  1. AC Question's Avatar
    Google is claiming that after 7.1.2. update they have fixed the LTE issue with Band 4. I must say to you that the phone is not staying at LTE signal at all. It drops back to HSPA+. Please help me. I was using Nexus 6P (Android 7.1.2.), in that I had no issues regarding LTE. Checked with my carrier, everything is fine with them.
    Purchasing a premium phone and getting this LTE issue, feeling like I have being conned by Google.
    Please help me. Please
    05-01-2017 10:03 PM
  2. johnnyshinta's Avatar
    My LTE frequently drops out. I get hollow signal indicator several times a day. No fix so far
    05-22-2017 08:38 AM
  3. DJM626's Avatar
    I still get the hollow bars too! It's a way of life on this phone and has been since day one for me. Unfortunately I'm in no kind of position to being able to purchase another phone and my only option is to try to sell it once it's paid off or just toss it. I wouldn't feel right trying to sell something that has issues to someone else . These are the only reasons why I've stayed with this phone as long as I have. I had to. I have no other options for any that may wonder
    05-22-2017 11:19 AM
  4. Damu357's Avatar
    What carrier do you guys have, I'm on TMobile and don't have those issues
    05-22-2017 01:20 PM
  5. matty032's Avatar
    What area do you guys live in?
    05-22-2017 02:26 PM
  6. DJM626's Avatar
    I'm in Chicago on Verizon
    05-22-2017 02:40 PM
  7. DJM626's Avatar
    The release of the Nokia 9 can't get here soon enough. That is definitely going to be my next phone for sure. If I have to leave Verizon for it, so be it. At least I know what the hardware is going to be like! Never again will I own another Google product after this fiasco I've been experiencing for this long
    05-22-2017 02:44 PM
  8. johnnyshinta's Avatar
    In the DC area on Verizon
    05-22-2017 05:08 PM
  9. Unobtanium's Avatar
    Atlanta on Verizon, and have traveled around Georgia and to Florida and Alabama with no signal issues that I can track to the phone. I've had some signal problems in places where I have had them on all other phones. I am on 7.1.2
    05-22-2017 05:34 PM
  10. matty032's Avatar
    Hollow bar gone since first of November in NC. However, with Verizon bringing online band 4, and 2 in my area, the signal is weak as hell now.
    05-22-2017 07:58 PM
  11. masseurca's Avatar
    No issues on Verizon in Southern California or when travelling to nearby states so far
    05-26-2017 03:57 PM
  12. mackie8's Avatar
    Im encountering this.. im only getting mostly H only... worst 3g signal... my s8 is having 4g+...
    07-09-2017 12:52 AM
  13. DJM626's Avatar
    Well after a 2 week long vacation and having my pixel with me the entire time, unfortunately I saw the same poor 4G LTE connectivity issues. My hollow bars are becoming more and more frequent and are lasting for longer periods of time then they ever have. Paid a visit to Verizon on Thurs and after talking to someone from corporate on the phone while in the store, they are issuing me pixel #4 . I have explained that where I live I have never encountered this issue ever being on their network.

    Of course I was provided the answer of "This is the first we are hearing of such problems"! They also replaced my SIM card which did not make any difference at all. The only good thing that came out of this was they opened a ticket in my area and are trouble shooting the network. First I received a text from Verizon saying that they would provide me with an update in 24 hours. Yesterday I received another text from them stating they would provide me with an update in 48 hours. The person from corporate that I spoke with also informed me that if I have poor signal in my area or any area I am in with the phone that I have to toggle off the HD calling. They also pulled up all of my past history with this phone and saw the amount of dropped calls I had, and even on Wi-Fi and they couldn't believe it. I was given an option of a Samsung phone (don't recall which one they offered me) and another pixel. I opted for the pixel.

    It was also explained to me that when the Pixel 2 comes out I would be able to trade in my current phone for that one. Full details of that had not been explained nor did I ask any questions, but this was coming from Verizon (Corporate) as the sales associate that I was dealing with contacted them for me and they were on speaker phone for the hour long conversation.

    If this new one is not any better and I really don't think it will be, I will just chock up my bad experience and loss and either look for another provider when my phone is paid off or else just purchase something else. All in all, Verizon was very professional with me and helpful. It does not of course mean the issues are going to be resolved, but if nothing else, at least they opened a ticket in my area and if they tell me there is nothing they can do, I am going to push for a Network extender to use at home. Only thing I can not understand is anyone that comes to my place and is on Verizon does not suffer from any of my issues, no dropped calls, no poor signal.
    07-09-2017 12:48 PM
  14. mmcclure0453's Avatar
    Just curious - anyone been to your house on Verizon with another Pixel?

    Hope this gets resolved quickly for you. Sounds like Verizon is willing to work with you.
    07-09-2017 01:33 PM
  15. DJM626's Avatar
    None of my friends have a pixel. Most of my friends use Samsung or iphone with zero issues. While I'm struggling with my connection and placing the phone in airplane mode and on wifi they do nothing but laugh at me
    07-09-2017 02:01 PM
  16. TiMar99's Avatar
    Even more strange is the fact you were on vacation, I imagine another location and still experiencing the same issue. Keep us posted on this 4th device...sounds almost like a curse!
    07-09-2017 02:43 PM
  17. mmcclure0453's Avatar
    Hopefully Verizon resolves this quickly. I've never had reception problems with my Pixel. I did with my S7E and my iPhone 7 but never with my Pixel.

    Keep us posted.
    07-09-2017 03:05 PM
  18. DJM626's Avatar
    I don't know how to define quickly as I got the phone a week after release and we are into the 9th month already lol
    07-09-2017 06:35 PM
  19. matty032's Avatar
    Have you tried forcing your phone to Wi-Fi preferred? That has solved all my poor reception at home problems.
    07-09-2017 08:02 PM
  20. DJM626's Avatar
    I'm sure I've tried that already but it still relies on cellular connectivity so not quite sure how to do that as I may have missed something but I've tried pretty much everything to no avail.
    07-09-2017 08:51 PM
  21. DJM626's Avatar
    I'm thinking I may have another bad phone as most places I go with this phone show very poor signal no matter what . I find it hard to believe that every area or state I travel with this phone and I suffer from the same issues . I can't be in poor cellular areas 85 percent of the time as that's unheard of
    07-09-2017 08:54 PM
  22. xocomaox's Avatar
    Try flashing a different firmware to see if you still have an issue. That is, if you have the ability to unlock your bootloader still.
    07-09-2017 11:12 PM
  23. DJM626's Avatar
    Have you tried forcing your phone to Wi-Fi preferred? That has solved all my poor reception at home problems.
    How exactly do you do that? Not sure if I tried that or not already
    07-12-2017 09:47 PM
  24. DJM626's Avatar
    Just thought I would provide any of those interested with an update in my situation and my 4th Pixel replacement. My 4th Pixel has been the "Best" out of all of them. Not sure if my last 3 phones were all defective or the fact that Verizon opened up a case for me that took them 4 days to resolve. This phone gets 3-4 bars in the same areas where my other 3 had only gotten one at most. At home I have never seen anything higher then -100dBm. I usually hover around the -95-100 range with this 4th phone. I have made a lot of calls within the past several days without Wi-Fi and or airplane mode without dropping ANY of them!

    As for my hollow bar issue that had been ever so present on all of the Pixels that I have had? I have only seen in in a few instances and it does not last long at all. Best part about it is even if I do see them it does not effect the quality of my calls in my home and I have not dropped calls while making them if the hollow bars are present.
    Almost 9 months later and it looks like I finally got myself a working phone that I am happy with. Verizon was very cooperative with my issue. Very excited here but will still keep my options open with new phone releases that are up and coming.
    mmcclure0453 likes this.
    07-17-2017 07:22 PM
  25. DJM626's Avatar
    Forgot to mention that I did not get the chance to contact Verizon to let them know what the out come was, but on the message they had left me was to call them again if my issue was about the same, or worse or not resolved at all.
    07-17-2017 07:25 PM
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