09-07-2017 01:45 PM
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  1. Lilybell2's Avatar
    Does the data saver "network restrictions" thing for the wifi network need to be turned off also? I had mine off but wasn't sure if it needed to be. Anyways my text messages are backed up finally. I also use sms backup & restore and there's an option for it to save backups to Google drive. So some people may have to do that if they don't have WiFi and whatnot as that's part of the ridiculous criteria to get them to backup.
    I don't know about data saver, etc., mine are off.
    09-07-2017 01:44 PM
  2. garak0410's Avatar
    Oreo on my Verizon Pixel has been buggy, even with a factory reset after update...Bluetooth problems with Uconncet and a handful of other quirks that have caused me to have to reboot more often than not.
    09-07-2017 01:45 PM
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