1. mudwub's Avatar
    It feels like the phones accelerometer is a little too sensitive, or maybe I am just holding it with a tilt and just not noticing it? Has anyone else experienced something like this?

    I noticed that it happens most when I unlock the phone after pulling it out of my pocket, or when bringing the phone down from my ear after a phone call.

    It will rotate to landscape for a brief moment and then it must realize that it is not supposed to be in landscape orientation and switches back to portrait mode.

    Edit: I did some digging and was able to find ONE other post where the user seemed to be experiencing the same problem and described it better than I did.

    09-12-2017 06:29 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    It's possible, although the normal failure mode is not seeing a rotational change at all. Possibly the accelerator module that HTC is using has a new failure mode.
    09-13-2017 01:36 PM
  3. mudwub's Avatar
    What does that mean exactly?

    You'll have to forgive me, but I do not know a whole lot about mobile hardware.
    09-13-2017 03:02 PM

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