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    i bought a pixel XL and if came with the team win recovery. (which i have no idea what its for) i want to reset it to fully stock but the problem i have now is that its stuck in this animation loop where it never loads up even after leaving it for abour an hour and a half. can anyone help me out or know where i might be able to take it to get restored?
    04-08-2019 08:35 PM
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    1. Pplease register an account here, so you can keep the discussion in 1 thread. [Guests can't post to existing threads.] (This may take a few back and forths.)

    2. Please describe this "animation loop". If you mean that it just keeps restarting to TWRP (which is a really handy recovery to have on the phone - I'd [ut it back after fixing the problem), that's easy. Go to Google | Factory Images for Nexus and Pixel Devices, and download the latest image for "marlin", the Pixel XL ROM. Install adb and fastboot on your PC. In TWRP, reboot into the bootloader. (If it doesn't boot the bootloader, let me know, and I'll see if Google has a way to force feed the ROM into the phone.) Once in the bootloader, connect the phone to the PC. Unzip the file you downloaded and you'll see a file named flash-all.bat. (If you're on a Mac or running Linux, use the flash-all.sh file.) Run that file. At the end, it will restart the Pixel into Android. (If this works, it means that someone did a wipe that included the system - something you never do, unless the system is so corrupted that you can't flash it again, which has probably never happened.)

    3. The other possibility is that some of the storage in the phone went bad, and the seller sold it to you in bad faith. If that's the case (you can't flash the ROM), contact the seller and insist on your money back.

    4. Once you get everything working (let's be positive unless proved otherwise), go to https://twrp.me/google/googlepixelxl.html and download both the .img file and the .zip file for marlin. is the latest one. There are instructions all over the web on how to install TWRP on a Pixel. (The model doesn't matter - XL or regular, Pixel, Pixel 2 or 3 - you do it the same way on all, you just use different files for each model.)

    If you need more help, post back here in this thread after you've registered, and use @Rukbat in the post, so I'll get an email that I was mentioned, and I'll come back and help you further. (I'm an expert on bricked [it works like a brick] Pixels - I've bricked them so many times I can't remember how many, but one way or another, I find a solution. I refused a replacement on my latest "trouble" because I found how to fix the bricked phone before the replacement arrived.)

    If I have to answer anything for you, I'll tag you (put your screen name in the post), so you'll get an email that you were mentioned.

    We'll either get that thing working or you'll have to get the seller to take it back. If there's no hardware damage, there's some way of fixing it.
    04-17-2019 04:19 PM

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