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    I have a Google Pixel phone and am really pleased with it's google speech recognition engine, for fairly heavy use on Word compatible documents. However it's accuracy, is not perfect so I purchased a "Jelly Comb B003BS" BT external folding keyboard with the idea of correcting the odd mistake. The problem is that phone's default is to replace the on screen keyboard, which means I can't access the special microphone icon, normally found at the top right of the on screen virtual keyboard, to be able to activate the speech recognition engine for the large chunks of spoken text I wish to add. Within system settings, I can force the virtual on-screen keyboard to stay permanently on screen (whilst the external keyboard is attached), but this clumsily consumes valuable screen space. The "Floating keyboard" option is smaller, semi-transparent and movable, but gets in the way. What I'd ideally want to know is:- Is there a standard way to activate the google speech recognition engine (or bring up, and close the virtual on screen keyboard) from my external keyboard, attached to my andoid 10 Google Pixel phone?
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    01-19-2020 07:39 PM
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    Welcome ! Glad to see you join , hopefully some members can help you out .
    01-19-2020 09:52 PM

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