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    Though I don't think that 3D printed cases are really worth it as you really need soft rubber like sides and a clear hard plastic back for your case, I do think that 3D printing is great when it comes to making other things for your phone.
    Getting a Pixel XL when they were released, I knew I wanted a way to mount the phone in my Ford Explorer.
    This idea started when I had a BB Priv, and wanted the same type of solution to not only mount the phone, but also to have it charge when mounted.
    I got a working copy of that, and then once I changed to the Pixel XL wanted the same.
    Because the phone is as slippery as a bar of soap in the shower, the case I picked up was a reasonable priced thin Puregear slim shell case. Gave me grip but didn't make the phone look ridiculous.
    Then I measured and printed out a few prototypes before coming up with this solution.
    Simple, some 3M double sided tape, and some tweaking to get the cable mount just right.
    Then I designed and printed some small wire clamps to keep the wiring clean and neat.
    End result is a perfect fit.
    Due to hands free laws, this now gets my phone out of my hands and in front of me mounted so I don't get a nasty fine when touching my phone. Lets me use my "ok google" commands perfectly, and has google maps in a perfect sight line for when I am getting directions.
    Added a bit of color to the case by pausing the 3D print and changing filament on the fly.
    Attached Thumbnails 3D printed car mount with charging-img_20161112_1850593-medium-.jpg   3D printed car mount with charging-img_20161112_1850309-medium-.jpg   3D printed car mount with charging-img_20161112_185006-medium-.jpg   3D printed car mount with charging-img_20161112_184958-medium-.jpg   3D printed car mount with charging-img_20170127_092517-medium-.jpg  

    3D printed car mount with charging-img_20170127_092456-medium-.jpg  
    01-27-2017 10:31 AM

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