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    Poor Sound Quality on Google Play Movies

    When buying any product you want good consistent quality sound and video from your purchase. When downloading the file can get corrupt, you delete and clear cache and re-download the file. You don’t really except it to reoccur with intermittent drop in sound with a 2-5 second delay while watching or listing to music from Google Play App.

    At first I originally thought it was my phone was not able to handle playing a Google Play movie or music from my handset.

    After investigating while and finding the fault this really needs to be address and resolved as many devices maybe effected.

    Playing a Movie from Google Movies

    1:*********** No problems streaming Rcontent over the internet. Good quality sound and video without any delay or drop in sound.

    2:*********** Downloaded file to Handset (File Saved on Internal Memory) after playing the movie for 1-3 minutes intermittent issues start occurring with delays. Drop in sound and video every 2-5 seconds, which is annoying while watching a film.

    3:*********** Same Issues occurred after copying the file to SD Card.

    4:*********** Phone CPU, RAM Memory all running above normal.
    6:*********** I was debating whether or not a “Default Factory Reset” would resolve these issues, so I decided to using another “Movie Play App” and see what happens.

    5:*********** When using a different “Movie App” and offers the same quality as Google Play Movies. I cannot fault it when the file is saved on Internal or SD Card. This works perfectly. Why can’t Google Play do this? I would like to download the file and watch while on the train.

    If you would like people to buy the latest movies from your App this need to be resolved with an update fix these issues.

    My phone details
    Make:** HTC
    Model: HTC_ONE_M8
    Phone Internal Memory 16GB

    Android Version:************* 5.0.1
    HTC Sense version:******** 6.0
    Software number:********** 4.18.708.12

    *Issues of concern: Google Play Movies & TV
    Version:************** 3.8.8

    Kind regards

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    08-31-2015 03:56 AM

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