1. roadpizza73's Avatar
    Am I the only voice in the wilderness who thinks the requirement of a Google+ account to leave a review for an app is just plain WRONG ?
    #evil #google #powerabuse
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    02-18-2013 12:42 AM
  2. cryofy's Avatar
    It's a very clever marketing strategy to increase their google+ user base. The android user base is steadily increasing at astounding rates, and if a user wants to 'review' an app, he needs a google+ account lately.

    It's the same as with using facebook: If you want to review apps, you need to swollow the pill and sign in to google+.

    Don't know how to call it
    #evil #google #powerabuse
    , but that's how the game is played...

    02-18-2013 05:35 AM
  3. patruns's Avatar
    I actually think it is a good idea. Everyone with a gmail account automatically has a Google+ account, whether they use it or not. Reviews are pretty much meaningless to me if anyone can just anonymously praise or trash an app. Of course you should have all your privacy settings in Google+ up to date if you are going to post a review.

    You had to join the forum to post here, didn't you?
    02-18-2013 09:18 AM
  4. roadpizza73's Avatar
    At least this forum didn't require I use a gargoyle account . . .

    Nibble by byte, weaning from google
    02-18-2013 10:16 AM
  5. Yoof's Avatar
    I thought so too, until I felt so strongly about something I had to. Wasn't keen on having my full name on show though. I changed my surname to an initial, and thinking about it I could have probably have changed my first name too. My profile pic isn't my face either. I then went into privacy settings and turned everything on as far as possible. I now just use Google+ primarily for reviewing items on the Play store now.
    03-14-2013 09:52 AM
  6. Michael Barlow's Avatar
    Google+ account allow developers to contact user to ask some questions regarding user's review, to simplify bug investigation and fixing.
    03-22-2013 04:19 PM
  7. anon_ymous's Avatar
    That is not true that if you have a google account that you automatically have a Google+ account. You have to activate and setup your account in order to have a Google+ account.

    I am very disappointed that they require Google+. I used to regularly leave ratings and comments on apps that I enjoyed or disliked. I make sure my ratings and comments are valuable since I am a software developer and understand the value of input from users. Why does Google get to decide that everybody wants to have some sort of social media outlet?!? I hate fake social media. I don't have Facebook nor Google+ and I NEVER will get either account. I have a real life and interact with real people. I don't want to be searchable and have my entire life out there for people to comment on and "like"

    Social media is too fake and now Google has prevented a lot of users from providing valuable input because some "good idea fairy" thought a Google+ requirement would not affect people adversely.
    03-27-2013 12:47 PM

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