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    My daughter has a Galaxy S4, and lately every app she opens causes the PlayStore app to open up. She's tried deleting recently added apps, but nothing seems to help so far.
    05-03-2015 07:43 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Does Play Store open up to a specific app, or apps from a specific developer? Sounds like adware somewhere on her phone. Try Lookout's Ad-Network Scanner & Detector. She might have to keep uninstalling apps until the problem goes away. Alternatively, she could backup her data and do a full factory reset. Immediately after finishing the Setup Wizard, go to the Play Store and prevent any apps from automatically installing. Now install apps one by one, and watch for this behavior to occur again.
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    05-04-2015 01:35 AM
  3. rsnblm's Avatar
    Thanks for the info. I'll pass this on to her and let her know what she needs to try.
    05-04-2015 10:38 AM

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