1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hi I once downloaded talking tom and talking angela and the next day it wouldn't work anymore so I tried deleting it but now I can't download anything. When I open play store the app works but when I start downloading something it mark " Play store stopped " please help
    12-21-2015 04:57 PM
  2. naimvincent's Avatar
    Try to delete Cache and Data of google play from settings and try again
    12-21-2015 05:20 PM
  3. Aissata's Avatar
    I did but it keeps on stopping
    12-21-2015 05:28 PM
  4. naimvincent's Avatar
    did you clear both Google play Sotre and Google play services ?
    Why does my Play Store keep stopping?-androidpit-google-play-services-w782.jpg
    12-21-2015 05:39 PM
  5. Aissata's Avatar
    Still the same + can't save pics or files
    12-21-2015 11:43 PM
  6. Aissata's Avatar
    I erased the phone storage and now it works thanks anyway
    12-21-2015 11:56 PM

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