1. AC Question's Avatar
    So every time I try to download an app from the play store, it does nothing. I click the install tab, then the accept tab but it won't download or install. It looks like it's working and wants to but never does. How do I fix this??
    01-17-2016 05:08 AM
  2. cnyandroiduser's Avatar
    Hope this will help you - I have a Samsung tablet with Android 4.4.2. I have had the same problem starting about a week or 2 ago. Finally got help by doing a search on my PC and landing at Google support itself. The solution for me was to update and reset the date and time on my device. As explained by the help site, this syncs the device with their servers. The help site works by presenting trouble shooting steps to perform. If that doesn't resolve the problem, click "No" and a new set of steps is presented. I would post the link, but I'm not allowed as I am a new user. However, do a search of "Google Play Help" at "support.google.com" and the title of the help article is "Play Store won't load or download apps". Good luck!
    01-21-2016 10:51 AM

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