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    I'm writing this for people that want to check out ICS using the Android SDK on their computer. It's a pretty simple processes.

    I don't think this is really a development thread, but if the mods want to move it to the development sub-forum go for it.

    1. Download the Android SDK from Google here.
    2. Download the Java Development Kit (JDK) here.
    3. Install the Java Development Kit
    4. Install the Android SDK.
    5. Run the "SDK Manager". Start Menu > Android SDK Tools > SDK Manager
    6. Go through the updates. That takes a while, get some coffee. You don't need all the updates, I just installed the ones for 4.0. You might get asked to restart ADB a few times, that's fine.
    7. In the SDK Manager go to Tools > Manager AVDs
    8. Click New
    9. Name: AndroidICS
    10. Target: Android 4.0 - API Level 14
    11. Size: 300
    12. Click Create AVD
    13. Click OK
    14. Select the new AVD from the list.
    15. Click Start
    16. Click Launch
    17. Wait for it to boot up.

    You can't really do a whole lot because it's just an emulator but if you are itching to see it in action and don't have a Nexus S or Nexus One to install the sdk port on, then this is the next best thing.

    Enjoy some Ice Cream Sandwich!
    10-23-2011 08:57 AM
  2. Centro85#AC's Avatar
    I think I am special and unable to comprehend directions. It loads the virtual device, but it sits at the "ANDROID" boot logo forever. What did I do wrong?
    10-29-2011 09:39 AM
  3. digitalslacker's Avatar
    First boot can take a while, 10 min sometimes. If it's been longer than that just close and try again.
    10-29-2011 09:41 AM
  4. Centro85#AC's Avatar
    Alright. I left it sit for about 30 and it was still stuck. I rebooted the computer, re-downloading the Java SDK now just in case. I'll do a reboot when the java download is done and try again. Thanks.

    Edit: Works now. Thanks.
    10-29-2011 09:43 AM
  5. rabaker07's Avatar
    I played with it for a little while, but it's so incredibly laggyand slow that it's not even fun.

    Shocking because my comp is much more powerful than the GNex.

    Has anyone else had this experience? What screensize/resolution settings are you using?
    10-29-2011 01:46 PM
  6. digitalslacker's Avatar
    It's an emulator, it's laggy. It's also NOT any indication of how the full OS will perform on ANY phone.

    This is designed to help developers build software and performance isn't a focus.

    I was running at 800 resolution, whatever the default was.
    10-29-2011 01:49 PM
  7. geoffzilla's Avatar
    Is there a similar set of steps somewhere for Mac OS? I get the itch to learn about this stuff every once in a while, but never know how to get started.
    10-31-2011 07:16 PM
  8. digitalslacker's Avatar
    this might help.
    Installing the Android SDK on Mac OS X Peter Boctor
    I'm not sure how old it is but it should be close to relevant.
    10-31-2011 08:09 PM
  9. geoffzilla's Avatar
    Nevermind. Up and running!
    10-31-2011 08:17 PM
  10. Andrew Ruffolo's Avatar
    Made a video as soon as the SDK was released:
    digitalslacker likes this.
    11-03-2011 07:16 AM

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