1. I Want One's Avatar
    So far I love the device. But, last night i fired up some tunage to go to sleep with, and yikes! Lots of clicking and digital clipping...but only when the screen turned off. I was using PowerAmp, if that helps. Really irritating :[
    12-16-2011 08:45 AM
  2. I Want One's Avatar
    It does not occur when using google music. But it never happened with PowerAmp and my EVO. Hmmm.
    12-16-2011 08:54 AM
  3. 1088933's Avatar
    Haven't had any issues, but I've never used PowerAmp. Might be an app that isn't stable for ICS yet?
    12-16-2011 10:14 AM
  4. djstar2k2's Avatar
    actually i hear a lil click when i turn the screen off too
    12-16-2011 04:49 PM
  5. I Want One's Avatar
    UPDATE: PowerAmp had an update: problem gone. I love this thing!!!
    12-17-2011 04:37 PM