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    Just got an unlocked GSM Nexus recently. Was using a microsim/adapter from iPhone4S on the iPhone data plan. I changed to the recommend HSDPA APN settings, good speedtest results. Then today I decided to call AT&T, give them the IMEI from an Atrix 4G so I could switch the data to a 4G one. Now I no longer see any blue bars under signal, yet the signal strength measures around -71. Data works fine, maybe speed test result not as fast. H and 3G icon show up, though not blue either. When I turn on wi-fi, then both the wifi meter and signal meter turn blue. It's a rooted phone with the KK6 antenna. Any ideas? I did reboot the phone as well.
    01-07-2012 11:22 AM
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    from my reading, it seems that the light grey means that i'm no longer connected to google services. I did notice that when I went out, my google voice didn't seem to receive msgs until after I came home and got on wifi. Could this really all be due to change from a iPhone 4s plan to a 4G plan or is it because my IMEI doesn't match the Atrix one I get AT&T?
    01-07-2012 01:56 PM