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    I record presentations at work, but we do not have a proper camcorder. We currently use a cheap Sony Webbie, which has a 25-minute limit. Therefore, I have to time it, and stop and restart the Webbie about every 20 minutes. Plus the video quality is terrible.

    Is using my Nexus a viable alternative (I would be recording at 720p)? I have the Verizon one, which has 32GB (currently 28GB free), so space isn't an issue since I would offload the video for titling and re-encoding right after. I've tried looking for some answers, but have found none for this phone.

    My 2 Qs are:

    1) What is the filesize limit? I know the iPhone is formatted with a version of FAT, which limits one file to be no more than 4GB. My Nexus uses ext4 AFAIK. Does this have the same limit? And if it does have a limit, will the video recorder stop at the limit or (hopefully) close the current file and start recording to a new one as many cameras do?

    2) Is there a time limit for recording, not factoring in file size?

    Thank you!
    01-11-2012 03:31 PM
  2. cre8nkhaos's Avatar
    On the Galaxy Nexus, can you tell me exactly what model you have? I went to the store today and they had two models, but I wasn't sure of the one that has the ability to record video non stop for as long as there's length left on the card.

    I'd really appreciate knowing. I'm really upset that the GNote only allows me 60mins.
    03-26-2012 03:40 AM