1. terminalnonchalance's Avatar
    Just noticed that this morning on my rooted GSM nexus? Anyone else having this issue?

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    03-03-2012 01:05 PM
  2. jcastag's Avatar
    Yup I got the same thing yesterday. Not sure what made it starts to appear.
    03-04-2012 10:28 AM
  3. pounder001's Avatar
    It appears to be happening most often to "rooted" devices, my GN is not rooted and I have not seen that message as of yet
    03-04-2012 05:34 PM
  4. nybmx's Avatar
    It still works fine for me. However I still haven't updated to the latest version of Wallet. I also haven't flashed a new rom since I installed it. I'm running aokp build 22 with the stock kernel.
    03-04-2012 10:15 PM
  5. mattyb1085's Avatar
    I have the same message, but wallet works just fine. The warning message is just Google covering their *** if something goes wrong. Since your rooted they can say it's your fault.

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    04-06-2012 12:37 AM