1. wrayre's Avatar
    I just got a GNEX phone. Used default mail client on previous HTC incredible with zero issues ever. Default GNEX client seems pretty poorly executed -- least frequent email check option is once/hr, no auto bcc, appears to not be a real POP3 client (does not leave email on the phone), terrible delay to check email (much slower than my Incredible). Does everyone in the know just ignore this app and download a 3rd party mail client? If so, which one? Disappointed that something as basic as a mail client does not work very well -- does not seem a good omen.
    04-11-2012 08:44 PM
  2. asdf12321's Avatar
    Total newb here, but from what I checked out after having the same experience that you, I've settled with K9 Mail. Its a bit more complicated to setup (but if I could, anyone can) and I haven't been able to configure push email on my yahoo and hotmai accounts (only scheduled checks), but from what I've seen, it's the best we've got on android.
    There is also Kaiten (K10, got it ) that's based on K9, but that's payware and I'm not sure if it adds anything other that cosmetics.
    04-11-2012 09:16 PM
  3. wrayre's Avatar
    Thanks. K9 seems ok but not quite ready for prime time. It's slow and buggy and I havent figured out how to do one click switching between accounts and 1 click update. The HTC email app was just tons better. I see lots of people are recommending Enhanced Email, but it seems silly to pay a huge amount for a smart phone and then have to immediately buy an app for one of its core functions.
    04-13-2012 01:49 PM