1. dannynyc's Avatar
    Sorry if this question has been asked to death, there's so many forums here..

    If I but the galaxy nex from the play store will it be 2g? Or will it work on Tmobils hspa+ 4G network since its unlocked? Thanks.
    07-04-2012 10:38 AM
  2. Pre-dawn raid's Avatar
    It's an HSPA+ phone from the Play store. Just stick your Tmob SIM in.
    07-04-2012 11:10 AM
  3. swebb's Avatar
    It is HSPA+21, not 42. You need some special Tmobile hardware radios for that. It is still speedy, just doesn't benchmark as well. Real world difference is only a couple seconds.
    07-04-2012 12:46 PM
  4. mtmjr90's Avatar
    On my best day, I saw about 9Mbps down but averaged 3-4Mbps. Of course that's all dependent on location and coverage.
    07-05-2012 12:53 AM