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    I have really tried searching forums and the broader Internet for the solution to this problem, but I am at a loss.

    I have a stock non-rooted, VZW Galaxy Nexus running 4.1.1. With what I consider typical applications. All downloaded through Play Market or Amazon Apps.

    When I wake my phone, this red rectangle with the word "Overlay " written in white letters. Unlocking the screen makes it go away, but a variety of other actions, like making a call, bring it back. Nothing removes it until I lock and unlock the screen.

    I am at a loss. This was occurring before the update to 4.1.1 as well, therefore I am not willing to suggest that it is a JB problem.

    Please see the screenshot I am attaching. The message stays in front of everything.

    I look forward to suggestions on how I might make this go away or if anyone else has ever encountered a similar circumstance.

    Red rectangle with "Overlay" in white stuck on screen-image.jpg
    09-30-2012 03:18 PM

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