1. Makai5's Avatar
    Pls someone talk me out of it. I was looking at the hone 5 and was thinking about getting it. I have the galaxy nexus .
    11-04-2012 05:28 AM
  2. xsivone's Avatar
    Explain why you think it's a good phone for you.
    Personally all the other iphones impressed me more than the 5. It brought nothing new to the table. There are easily a dozen Android phones that are equal or superior to it.

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    11-04-2012 05:35 AM
  3. AaronSmart's Avatar
    I bought the iphone5 when it came out because it was light and taller. I liked how light it was for the gym, and feel. I thought the screen would help but it's a scam when you compare it to any larger phone and to the 4s

    I've always been one for high pixel quality on my monitors and laptops growing up for more productivity. Apple totally messed it up with retina. Your not getting more space, your getting a sharper image. And on a phone, you want space, at least for me.

    The note 2 doesn't feel heavier based on the weight disbursement where as the 4s feels like a tank

    There is no customization on a I phone or apple. Which use to be okay 2 years or before because the screen or apps or programs were far superior to everyone else. Not any more.

    I stopped using it once the note 2 came out for the same reasons I liked the I phone 5

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    11-04-2012 06:49 AM
  4. hodan's Avatar
    Don't sell out man, you've got a nice, durable, reliable phone with a beautiful screen, native Google apps and Google Now. Why would you trade that for a horrendously overpriced scratch magnet that requires you to buy the decent apps, and has the same UI as a phone released in 2007? Don't do it. If anything sell the Gnex and grab a Nexus 4....or a One X, SGS3, or even a Note 2 if you're on contract.
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    11-07-2012 12:35 AM
  5. MangoPowah's Avatar
    Don't go to the dark side! They'll eat you alive!

    ^ ^ ^I agree with this guy, though

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    11-07-2012 12:42 AM
  6. sk3litor's Avatar
    Think of your two favorite songs. Someone offers you the choice of having either the one song, or the other song which includes the entire album of that song and any remix or different version of that song ever made (or that will be made). Do you want Nike air Jordan's or the entire Nike factory to build your own" perfect" shoe. Anything you like about the iphone you can get with one of the MANY android phones plus you get a superior operating system AND it's fully integrated with Google. Seems like a no brainer to me. And of it matters that much you could always paint a cute little apple on the back. But let's face it, if you have to ask it sounds like you've already made up your mind. But keys hope you're doing it for the right reasons and not because it's a " status symbol".

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    11-10-2012 05:24 PM
  7. srkmagnus's Avatar
    If you are even considering an iPhone 5 (which it sounds like you are) then you might as well get it. Seems like you are either a) not happy with the GNex or b) really like Apple products. Nothing wrong with either of the two
    11-10-2012 08:48 PM
  8. tube517's Avatar
    Get what you want. Doesn't matter what anybody else thinks. As stated above, sounds like you've made your choice.
    11-11-2012 01:55 AM
  9. klokateer123's Avatar
    It really is all up to you. Get it and try it out and if you don't like within the return period you can always get a different phone to suit your needs.

    "Never Knows Best"
    11-11-2012 02:07 AM
  10. Makai5's Avatar
    Man I love this forum. Thanks guys I am staying with android. I had a momentary relapse.
    11-16-2012 04:37 AM
  11. emmib's Avatar
    Pls someone talk me out of it. I was looking at the hone 5 and was thinking about getting it. I have the galaxy nexus .
    I played around with an iPhone 5 and it's a great phone... for an iPhone. I can do more things faster with Jelly Bean than I could on the iPhone. Sure, the Galaxy Nexus is slowing down, but in terms of software it beats iOS 6 without batting an eyelid.

    In defense of the iPhone 5 the screen may only be 4" but is really comfortable to use, but the 4.65" screen on the GNex lets me, personally, do and see more.

    Just my 2 cents.
    11-16-2012 07:36 AM
  12. sting7k's Avatar
    Why would we talk you out of it? If you want it go get it.

    Why does everyone need someone to tell them what to buy?
    11-16-2012 08:46 AM

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