1. Himanshu Mendhe's Avatar
    Generally 'Screen' is the component which drains maximum battery. With that condition my phone easily lasts till 20 hrs (3G).
    However for the past 24 hrs I have observed that Android OS component is draining more battery than screen. This has never happened before.
    Also the graph is almost linear, which means that it is happening continuously even when the phone is not in active use.
    Following is the screenshot:
    Android OS component is consuming more battery than Screen-screenshot_2012-11-08-13-02-20.png

    Is anyone else experiencing similar problem?
    11-08-2012 02:42 AM
  2. patruns's Avatar
    If the screen is dim most of the time that would not be unusual. Obviously the OS is using something continuously. I see you have the alarm function activated. What else is running? Any widgets? Did you close any apps simply by backing out instead of using the quit/exit button in the app? Are you getting a lot of ads in your notification area?
    11-08-2012 02:32 PM
  3. Himanshu Mendhe's Avatar
    Hi patruns!
    Thanks for the reply.
    I always keep screen brightness settings on 'auto' and with this setting 'Screen' is still the biggest consumer of battery.
    About alarms: Yes I have couple of alarms enabled which ring daily.
    About widgets: I have 1> Facebook, 2> G+, 3> Gmail, 4> NDTV, 5> Flipboard, 6> Stock Weather and News widgets on my screens.
    About closing of apps: Generally I close a game by using the quit/exit button. For all other apps I just back off or use the home button. This method never seemed to have bothered me before.
    Ads in Notifications: I hate apps which give ads in notification area and uninstall them.

    I had rebooted my phone just for the sake of trying and that seemed to have worked. It is still not giving me the desired results but the biggest battery hog now is not 'Android OS', it is G+!
    I'll observe more and report back.
    11-09-2012 12:50 AM
  4. patruns's Avatar
    I had rebooted my phone just for the sake of trying and that seemed to have worked.
    You should do this every night as a matter of practice. The only computers that should run non stop are those that have to. Just my opinion.
    11-09-2012 01:57 PM

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