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    I'm trying to decide on a phone for my mother within certain criteria. This would be a switch to Verizon for all of us. The GNex fits the criteria for her. However, my research through the forums hasn't given any conclusive latest updates on.

    1) Phone identification issues from 3G and 4G "confusion" on Verizons network. Is this every 4G phone (I'm going for the SG3 myself)? Has this been improved? I've read of some momentary fixes that don't hold but nothing permanent.
    She can deal with perhaps turning 4G on only when the data is the "preferred" connection like as a hotspot for a time, but any other issues would not be manageable. Verizon appears to have good data coverage in the area, but this issue concerns me.
    I think, but am not sure, if this was also related to the "low signal" antenna. I'm just looking for confirmation that it gets a good signal like other phones (that work well). Anyone? It would be a newer phone (not refurb).

    2) What is "average use" battery life (not advertised projections) assuming little daily data use, well-managed brightness settings, and a regular connection (likely standard 3G when 4G isn't needed assuming it turns off/off like my current Evo 4G wimax) that doesn't have to search for a signal constantly indoors?
    If you are experienced with this, your input is really appreciated.

    My impression, overall, however from forums is that this might not be a good phone to get. I'm looking for an "average person" experience without hassle the hassle of glitches. If you have opinions on this with the phone, I'd appreciate it.

    Experienced input is appreciated....

    11-19-2012 04:22 PM

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