1. Ivanamanation#IM's Avatar
    I can't stand my tablet and phone on two different OS versions, so I'm unlocking and rooting this bad boy.
    Can anyone help me out with the best ROM with the least bugs? I just purchased Titanium Backup to experiment, so I'll also take other suggestions of other ROMs that may be cool. By the way, what is Yakju?

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    11-27-2012 07:39 AM
  2. jackwagon06's Avatar
    Yakju would be for a gsm gnex, so you and I would be looking for a "toro" based rom. These are for vzw gnex. I believe it's just the radios that are different, but don't quote me, as I'm no developer.

    I am running the sorcery rom, which is excellent. Especially if you like to theme and tweak and make it your own. Changing the soft keys to different icons is very easy within the rom. If you like dead up vanilla, cyanogen is tops in my opinion. I flop between those two. Maybe look into a nice launcher too, such as nova, apex, or go launcher. Options are limitless. I'm new to the gnex, coming from a dinc2, and I am running CM9 on my touchpad, which goes nicely with my gnex, running either rom. Load a couple roms at once and flop between to see what you like about both. Don't forget, backup backup backup before switching so you can restore! Have fun
    11-28-2012 04:39 AM

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