1. Geo Turner's Avatar
    We bought both of our kids a Nexus 7. I am trying to transfer video from one to the other using the beam feature. Everything seems to work except once I tap beam, I hear a chime like something happened but the video is nowhere to be found on the other Nexus 7. I have the beam feature ennabled as well as the NFC checked.
    12-19-2012 01:19 PM
  2. skyrockett's Avatar
    i dont think it can transfer large files like videos. It still uses Bluetooth.. unlike Samsung Galaxy 3 or any other Samsung Tablets where they use wi-fi direct. I don't know why but there's no Wi-fi direct feature on Nexus series/
    12-19-2012 03:17 PM
  3. Urdar's Avatar
    Both Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 has wi-fi direct, I am beaming away between N10 and S3 as we speak, large videos as well.

    S3 has both S-beam (samsung proprietary) and Android beam (stock android)
    N10 has only android beam as Samsung is not allowed to paly around with the software, it is supposed to be stock android.

    Transferring from S3 to N10 I have to deactivate S-beam at S3. I guess S3 tries to send by S-beam by default which N10 doesnt support. Once S-beam is disabled transferring works well. Transferring from N10 to S3 works even if S-beam is enabled at S3.
    12-20-2012 10:50 AM

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