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    I have a Galaxy Nexus 16gb, currently running 4.1.2, YAKJU (maguro) JZO54K, on the I9250XXLF1 baseband.

    Yesterday my phone was yakjuux, and I decided to flash it to the international version(4.1.2). Lo and behold, I have an update waiting for me as soon as my phone boots back up! I dared to click the "Restart and install" button, and after a few minutes my phone was happily rebooted... Except it had not updated to 4.2 at all. It was still at the 4.1.2 that I had flashed it to earlier, only now there was no sign of an update.

    I used a method found on xda-developers using fastboot and adb to re-flash the phone... I'm not what you would call a n00b, but flashing phones is not my area of expertise.

    Can anyone offer any insight? Is there any more information I could give that could help?

    SEMI-RELATED issue: I have a wireless network at my workplace that I would like to use to keep myself from using all my data all the time (I constantly stream music while i'm working). The problem is, when I connect to the wireless network, my phone does not connect to Google's servers.. (Grey indicator). A friend who also has a galaxy nexus connects through the same wireless connection and achieves a connection. His phone is running 4.2 on a different baseband than mine.

    Any insight into either problem would be awesome! Thanks!
    01-23-2013 10:06 AM
  2. fragment137's Avatar
    164 views and nobody has anything? :/ am I in the wrong forum? :P
    01-23-2013 12:33 PM
  3. still1's Avatar
    why didnt you flash 4.2 directly instead of 4.1.2 yesterday? https://developers.google.com/androi...es#takjujop40d
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    01-23-2013 02:32 PM
  4. fragment137's Avatar
    To be honest I did it that way to test the OTA update that should have been received from Google. Obviously something went wrong.

    The only reason I flashed my phone in the first place was to make it the international version. I don't plan on having to flash it every time there is a new update for yakju Gnex's
    01-23-2013 07:36 PM
  5. still1's Avatar
    since u already flashed 4.1 recently. flash 4.2. problem solved
    01-24-2013 12:14 PM
  6. mathiasjk's Avatar
    That sucks, but you are no really missing anything, 4.2.1 are quite buggy compared to the 4.1 and 4.1.2
    01-27-2013 05:59 AM

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