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    Hey guys,

    First off, I'm new here, but I've read a lot of the news that comes outta here on pulse and I've the solution to many a problem here. So, before anything else, thanks for that

    Now to the problem, I've owned my galaxy Nexus for about 9 months now and had no problems till about 2 weeks ago. It started with the phone not charging when I plugged it in. A quick Google session told me that it was a problem with the charging pin, which simply needed to be pushed upwards. This worked, the first time.

    Anyways, now I can't charge it unless it's switched off. I did show it to the local Samsung service Centre and they said the same thing my Google search told me - it was the charging pin. Though they say that since Nexus devices haven't officially made it to my country (I got mine from Canada) , they don't have the parts to fix it and they'll have to use other parts that may work. They told me it had a 75% success rate and would take about 5 days.

    But I wanna know if that's a good idea. I could send it back to Canada and get it done under warranty (which doesn't apply here :[ ) or I could pay to get it done here. Any advice? And is there anything else I can do?

    Though, my brother does say using different parts might be a good thing, since it was because the original charging pin was too thin that this happened in the first place. Is that true?

    Thanks in advance for all the help.

    P.S.- sorry for the long narration

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    09-07-2013 12:36 PM

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