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    Okay i bought my mom a GN back in the day. I envied her for the phone i bought her but not the price for service, it was with sprint i had republic wireless. It was blazing fast the device was. Now its starting to show its age, well at least with me. Its probably that im used to how fast BB10 is for everything. I just traded her for an iPhone i lent her since we just switched to T-Mobile. Now i can only use this device as a media device which isnt bad. The screen is GINORMOUS coumpared to my Q10 and iPhones. I love it

    Ive rooted it and unlocked the Bootloader. The stock version when i got it seem too slow and the battery lasted 4 hours and it NEVER charged to 100. Ive wiped the battstats and that helped abit. I cant get NFC to work on Stock, Cyanogenmod, nor on MIUi. Its also really really slow.

    My Q10 runs JellyBean faster than the Nexus and its using a RunTime Enviornment! Do you guys feel this device is getting slower?
    I know its common for older devices to get slower with OS upgrades(Apple) but unlike my CR-48 which gets slightly faster, this is getting a bit much.
    What do you guys think? Im running MIUi right now BTW
    10-03-2013 12:09 AM
  2. shn'g's Avatar
    It's funny you posted this because my brother has this phone and is starting to have problems with it. Actually a lot of problems. The battery for him is like yours but only lasts a few hours than needs a charge. His power button doesn't work and it is extremely sluggish.
    His is about 2 years old but my almost 3 year old iPhone 4 isn't even close to that bad. I just switched to the N4 so let's hope LG has done a better nexus than Samsung.

    I have seen and heard a lot of problems with Samsung phones so I personally would never buy one but I think I am in the minority there lol
    10-03-2013 12:15 AM
  3. lui22's Avatar
    The nexus isn't a bad device/Shouldn't be a bad device moreover. The specs are good. I think that it's just that Google might be slipping on developing the os for this device. I mean my 4 on 6.1.3 isn't this bad and my 4s is good I think similar specs to this.

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    10-03-2013 02:42 PM

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