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    During the AMA, Doronichev also confirmed that existing Chromecast Ultras won't work with Stadia, it specifically requires the one included with the Founder's edition.

    If the Chromecast Ultra included with the Founder's Edition is a new, updated model that has some changes to allow compatibility, it would only make sense for it to offer some updated performance/features being simply compatibility with Stadia. If it does, that should be published information.

    If it's not, why can't they simply issue a firmware update for existing Chromecast Ultra units?

    In any event, I have to suspect some people have, in anticipation of Stadia and perhaps being advised by friends that they're going to be getting the Buddy Pass, purchased the stand-alone Chromecast Ultra, and they are going to be rightfully outraged if it's incompatible when Google made no prior distinction.
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    11-13-2019 11:19 PM
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    Well that does suck...
    11-14-2019 10:50 AM
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    Update... Another AC writer has since posted an article specifically on this issue citing that existing Chromecast Ultra devices will work, but not until they receive a firmware update - which Google won't be pushing out until after launch (pretty petty move on their part, as, if the firmware has been around long enough to put into devices that were likely manufactured and sitting in boxes for at least a few weeks, if not more, there's absolutely no reason I can fathom that they wouldn't have had time to push it out to existing devices).
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    11-14-2019 10:57 AM

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