1. Jonno's Avatar
    Warning for those interested to purchase the Revue. I installed my new Revue this week. One of the big purchasing factors for me was the IR control capabilities. I thought I can use this in place of buying an expensive Logitech Harmony remote. I was disappointed to find out it can only control 3 devices.

    1. HDTV
    2. Cable/Satellite set top box
    3. A/V Receiver

    I have a Blu-ray player that I expected to control but cannot. And so we reluctantly spent more money on buying a Harmony remote in the end. I still like the device and how it controls the 3 devices at the least. I just wish they could have increased to at least 4. Of course if all you have are those 3 devices or if you don't mind consolidating controls then there are no issues.
    08-11-2011 11:53 AM