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    I just got one for my birthday. I am using it right now!

    Keyboard: Very nice for its size. Since it is the remote as well, pretty good.
    Interaction with Comcast: I have a DCX-3400 cable box. The Revue seems to control everything nicely. It does it through the HDMI and not IR. DVR OnDemand, all works. I have not figured out how to do the 30 sec skip though.

    APPS: Chrome seems to be a bit slow loading ads. Main sites come up rather quickly but it stops on loading the ads. You cannot even move the screen up and down when you do it.
    HBO Go seems to only want to play SD in 4:3 for some reason. Still got to work on it.
    Pandora works great.
    Netflix also works fine. I like being able to search titles unlike the Netflix built into my TV.
    Havent done anything else yet.

    Connection: I am using WiFi currently. I am only about 4 ft from the router so the connection is nice and stable. I will have to connect wired when I find the cable to do so to see if there is any difference.

    The firmware says 2.1 update 1. I am not sure if that is Android 2.1? I saw the 3.1 update/hack but I also hear Netflix is not working with it.

    Screen: Nice. I have a 60" 1080p and the screen is crisp. Unlike the demo at the Best Buy that was running on a 720p that looked like crap. I almost did not get it because of the demo unit. But decided to as I could always return it. So far, I think I will keep it.
    08-11-2011 10:52 PM