1. dannynyc's Avatar
    Can the Revue be used with a TV thats not HD? I have a big TV but its not HD. I keep reading it can't be used?
    11-28-2011 04:48 PM
  2. danperde's Avatar
    Your TV needs a HDMI input to work with Revue.
    11-28-2011 05:32 PM
  3. jdbower's Avatar
    You can buy something like this:
    Amazon.com: HDMI to Composite /S-Video Converter 3RCA CRT TV CVBS: Electronics

    However the quality means it's probably not worthwhile. Projecting a computer-generated digital image through a digital-to-analog converter onto a low-def, big screen TV is a recipe for yuck.

    Note that cables that have the appropriate ends will NOT work, you need to convert the HDMI digital signal to analog. Also, the standard computer VGA connection is analog. However, if you happen to have a DVI connection on your TV a simple cable will suffice.
    11-28-2011 07:46 PM
  4. McPlot's Avatar
    Even though the adapter does exist, I wouldn't do it. The Revue only has screen resolutions the TV would not support, which means wide screen and very small text.
    11-29-2011 07:28 AM