1. Sarends's Avatar
    I bought a Logitech Revue about two months ago for our bedroom setup - I really like it. In our bedroom we have a new Samsung 40" LED screen an we have Comcast cable - everything works very well. I like the Logitech full sized keyboard which I really enjoy for typing in whole words when sesarching for a movie in Netflix etc.

    Just this weekend I loaded the android control app - this works awesome. Setup was painless. My wife & I both have android phones and we can both have our "phone remotes" in play at the same time. My wife REALLY enjoys using her Nexus 1 phone as a remote compared to the Revue full sized keyboard. She thinks the keyboard is big and clunky. I actually like the full sized keyboard, but now it is super nice having three ways to control the bedroom TV.

    This makes me want to add GTV to my main setup. My main setup is a Samsung 55" Plasma with Samsung Blue Ray and we also have Comcast. I would simply add a Revue for $99 instead of the other option (Sony) but I am leary of whether the Revue will ever be updated.

    Even with the current limitations of GTV I think it is well worth the $99 to simplify my environment.

    I currently use Comcast's DVR capability - does anyone use a different DVR with either the Sony or Logitech GTV sets? If so, is there a DVR setup that works well with either one?

    12-05-2011 10:27 AM
  2. 88 FLUX's Avatar
    Logitech has promised that the Revue will be updated to GTV 2.0 in "Fall 2011" which ends as of the 22nd. Staying optimistic in regards to them keeping their promise, yes the Revue will be updated. I say go for it. I have a 47" LED with a Revue and it works wonderfully. So much so that my girlfriend loves it so I got one for her 40" LCD (soon to be our bedroom TV) for Christmas.

    EDIT: In regards to the DVR, I use a TiVo Premiere and the Revue interacts with it perfectly. From the keyboard, I can control my TV, the Revue, and the TiVo. And the DVR interaction is really great. It'll lead you through a setup for whichever DVR you have and it is very simple to get set up.
    12-06-2011 01:35 PM
  3. McPlot's Avatar
    Revue updates are already rolling out. It will take a few days for all the Revues to get the update, but it is happening.
    12-07-2011 09:27 PM