1. asuwookie's Avatar
    Just picked up the Revue and Camera from Best Buy for 129 but not so sure it was such a great deal...have a few questions...

    1) I initally set up through my reciever with the audio plug - but don't always listen to the reciver when watching TV - so unpluged the audio cable and deleted the device but now I don't have any sound through the HDMI to the TV (Didn't have it before either) - any hlep would be appreciated.

    2) i have charter which has about 100+ non HD channels - before I could change a setting on my TV to full and it would fill the entire screen with those non-HD channels - but with the REvue I have boxes on both sides - have tried every setting I could think of - can anyone help? Full in my TV menu is no longer an option.

    3) It seems that I read somewhere that the revue has no power off option - this just seems silly - I saw to change the screen time out settings but still doesn't turn off - any suggestions other than putting the revue on a switched power outlet and flipping the switch every time i want to watch tv?

    Come on guys give me some feedback or suggestions for Google TV Noob to help me like this thing more than I do.
    12-19-2011 11:55 AM