1. mknollman123's Avatar
    Ideas anyone?

    About a week ago my Revue stopped streaming stuff - netflix, podasts, etc. stopped working

    BUT - the browser and market still do.

    Tried a hard reset with no help.
    06-18-2012 08:40 AM
  2. bnceo's Avatar
    IMO, Google TV is not the optimal solution. Still, building y our own HTPC is the best. Seems like Google TV couldn't fully commit to its vision and instead, delivered a gimped device.
    06-20-2012 08:13 AM
  3. mknollman123's Avatar
    Yeah I have a home theater pc downstairs that I put together myself but I actually use windows media center on.
    Still need my google tv though because it is located in my bedroom and I use to stream netflix and watch the movies from my home media pc downstairs


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    06-20-2012 09:01 AM
  4. Jacksmyname's Avatar
    I bought a Revue August last year.
    There's a website my wife reads a lot. They were going to do a live broadcast from Israel,
    over a period of 4 days. My wife asked me if there was a way she could watch it on our
    a/v setup in the living room.
    I already knew about some of the devices that could do it, and the Revue was the way to do it for us. I really like the full sized keyboard.
    So, bought the Revue, ran a Cat5 cable from the router in the computer room, through the
    kitchen, into the living room to the TV. I still hadn't figured out how I was going to run the
    cable permanently.
    Set up the Revue, and we watched the broadcast. I also signed up for the free trials of
    Netflix and Amazon Prime.
    Everything worked fine. I also set the Revue to stream music from my pc.
    So far, my Revue continues to work without issues.
    I should add that I don't have a cable box, so I use it like I would use any other device
    connected to my system (DVD player, VCR, Blu Ray, etc.).
    It's a shame that Logitech mishandled the Revue (Google hasn't exactly been on the ball either).
    Sorry I can't help with the OP's problem. Hope you get it resolved.
    The Revue is, inmo, a pretty cool gadget.
    06-20-2012 09:02 PM
  5. mknollman123's Avatar
    I bought a Revue August last year.
    The Revue is, inmo, a pretty cool gadget.
    I agree with you whole heartedly for the $99 I paid. If I had paid the $350 price I would be pissed.

    It is worth almost that much just to stream Netflix on - so the rest could be just gravy, but it also browses the net, watches video podcasts, syncs with Music, puts youtube on my LCD and many other things.

    I will admit I am underwhelmed by the app selection, but TBH I cannot think of what other apps I want for it other than HBO & Hulu - and these are not there because their owners dont want to be.

    I am not saying that the Revue or GTV is crap - just that mine is not working for the main reason I wanted it right now.

    No ideas about my streaming issue in the OP? Anyone?
    06-21-2012 08:37 AM
  6. Jacksmyname's Avatar
    Can you describe how your Revue is set up...
    How is it connected to tv, and to your network (wireless or hard wired).
    06-21-2012 10:53 PM
  7. mknollman123's Avatar
    Connected to tv via hdmi. Network via wifi. No catv connection.

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    06-23-2012 09:56 AM
  8. Jacksmyname's Avatar
    Connected to tv via hdmi. Network via wifi. No catv connection.

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    Ok, that's how mine is set up, except it's hard wired.
    Audio from Revue to a/v receiver via optical.
    Can't think of what is causing your problem.
    First thought is a problem with wifi, but as internet, etc. are
    working, that doesn't seem to be the issue.
    Only thing I can think of is something is out of whack with the player
    on the Revue. Could be the only way to fix that is a full reset.

    ETA.....Just re-read your post andd see that a reset didn't help.
    Stumped here.
    06-25-2012 09:29 AM
  9. mknollman123's Avatar
    Looking like I will be getting a shipped replacement from logitech. Will let you guys know how it goes.

    By the way the "troubleshooting" and service experience was terrible. I honestly think they just wanted me to give up so I would go away.

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    06-27-2012 11:28 PM
  10. OneMoreGaget's Avatar
    I had the exact same problem. The Revue worked perfectly for months and then a couple days ago I get the message "unable to play this title at this time, try again or select another". Reset didn't work. I can stream fine through an Xbox so my connection wasn't the problem. I went to the applications menu, highlighted the Netflix icon and then hit delete. A dialog box came up and I selected Application info. Under Storage I clicked on Clear Data. I did the same thing on Clear cache. Went back into Netflix and it worked. Hope that helps.
    07-08-2012 10:22 PM