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    I got mine today and I was checking the forums a and say a lair of bad review. Fromn DOA to the remote not working. I honestly was thinking about returning it before I even opened it. I am glad I didn't.

    Set up was a breeze. Even the part where you list the mag and model number of your device. After the update it was time to play around. Keep in mind I have a Director TV HR34 HMC with a 1 tb hd and able to record 5 shows at 1 time. I have the direc tv plugged intobthe co-star and the other hdmi to my receiver.

    I love that you hit search and it finds everything. It's everything I was hoping for. The remote is pretty cool, but if you don't like the remote, dl the app. I have the app for my Galaxy S3 & my Nexus 7 and both work great.

    Next I tried OnLive. This worked awesome. I tried a usb ps3 controller (the Batwing one) & at first that as working. I loaded up Lego Harry Potter as it had a free trial. I decided to order the Universal Wireless Controller. That is how much fun I had. The play pass is only $9.99.

    Now since I have the co-star into my receiver, I am getting surround sound. I just need to mess with a setting.

    I am really impressed. I haven't tried everything yet. Netflix is just like the ps3. I can see this getting better.
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    08-22-2012 10:49 PM
  2. shibumi's Avatar
    I just thought I'd chime in to say I've had a similar GOOD experience.

    I was kind of surprised to see all of the bad posts in here - I've had no issues at all. My only complaint is that the remote is *not* backlit - and that really sucks for night viewing..

    Even with that though, so far I prefer the Co-Star remote over the smaller (add-on) Logitech Mini Revue remote that I picked up for my Revue.

    I'm not a heavy GTV user. I use it primarily for Netflix, Amazon, and just random Internet viewing - but from the little bit that I used the Co-Star yesterday, I prefer it over the Revue. It seems a bit snappier and more responsive so far - and there are a few little things that it does better (i.e. like showing all the apps on the right side of the screen while the broadcast is still showing.. and the remote touchpad and keyboard).

    There's no question that the GTV / Honeycomb platform itself is still keeping this thing from "ruling the media room" - but I'm hoping that will continue to improve. In the end, like I say, I'm liking it more than my Revue.
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    08-23-2012 10:24 AM
  3. cashrevert's Avatar
    Anyone having issues with the audio? My audio has a slight background static every 3 seconds or so - happens more often when I'm streaming video and switching to Live TV or have Live TV in Picture-in-Picture.
    10-09-2012 12:52 AM
  4. pkcable's Avatar
    I'm loving mine also! I was a little worried because I also have a roku and both my hdmi slots are taken, but when I found out that it could use and work with my FIOS DVR and be in that slot I was thrilled. It knew my TV (it's also a Vizio) and my DVR, and setup was very easy, easier than the roku in fact. I'm still learning all the things this can do, but so far I love it! I almost "got sick" this morning, and called out from work, but just couldn't do it. (yes it arrived yesterday)
    10-10-2012 08:06 AM
  5. xxx1234xxx's Avatar
    It seems very well.
    10-14-2012 09:23 PM
  6. Joe H.'s Avatar
    Mine is working well also, one thing I've been trying to figure out; how to get mkv video files to play. In the technical specs of the device it's says they're supported. Is there any apps that might work good?
    10-19-2012 01:57 PM
  7. cliffy223's Avatar
    Only one thing is holding me back from buying one and that is Hulu plus. Not sure what is keeping Google and Hulu from reaching an agreement to put the Hulu Plus app on there. I am hoping that will be talked about on October 29th
    10-20-2012 01:11 AM
  8. Lou Beador's Avatar
    aVia works great with mp4 files, shareing works great. Can watch them all when shareing from my home computer.
    11-11-2012 01:16 AM