1. WorWilly's Avatar
    Hi Guy's I was wondering if the android software on devices can simply be up-dated by disk, over the air, or other ways ? Like say Windows or Mac ?

    I say this as most devices are offering set top boxes at android 2.3, so I'd presume they can be up-dated to the now 4.1 software, is that the case ? Some don't even tell you what version is on them, take the SONY NSZGS7B Google TV, no mention of the version it's on ?

    The reason I ask is, there is a set top box being offered on the android 4 software, or is it firmware ! (Android 4.0 TV Box 1080p HD Media Player) can this now be up-graded to 4.1 ? ...and secondly has anyone any experience with this set top box and why it's being sold at only 36 ?

    As you can tell, I'm new to Google TV and would rather ask than learn the hard way so sorry if this seems such a simple question to all ...

    Thanks in advance guy's
    10-01-2012 10:01 AM
  2. Joe H.'s Avatar
    There's a big difference between Google tv (like Vizio Co-Star, Sony NSZGS7B, Logitech Revue, etc) and the android tv systems made in China (like the MK802, UG802, G-Box, etc). Android can be easily be updated any of those ways. It's just a matter of weather or not if they will be.

    Google TV is not android on your tv, it's a highly customized version of Honeycomb, I would guess they'd update the software sometime in the future. But probably not to jelly bean. Google hasn't updated the stock software, and once they do, then the manufacturer would probably send out updates. These updates would be most likely OTA, my Vizio Co-Star has already had updates OTA, just not any software version updates, just patches or fixes behind the scenes.

    The mini android tv boxes are basically an android tablet on any big screen. Those can be update via costume roms, from the manufacture, etc. There's not a ton of dev support yet, but the're growing fast. Again, it's unlikely these Chinese companies are going to spend the time and effort to update a $40 hdmi android stick. And probably defenitly not OTA. I've found a couple updated for my MK802, they I had to download on my computer and flash to the device using Livesuit (I real pain in the ***).
    10-19-2012 02:13 PM

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